Halkidiki: Kassandra Peninsula. Emerald waters and fine white sand. Exotic landscape: an authentic paradise. This is not tropical Brazil. The place shown is not Martikina or the Fiji Islands.
Halkidiki, a unique place where the green landscape of nature dives into the blue of the sea, an exotic getaway that will live in your imagination for as long as you can remember. This earthly paradise will enchant you wherever you look unparalleled, it will rejuvenate your body in the crystal clear blue-green waters, it will treat all your senses, raising morale and spirit! Perhaps this is the special combination of rare stunning landscapes, with beaches for all moods and tastes, the mixture of sea breeze with the aroma of pine. And believe me, nowhere else will you make acquaintances and friends in such an easy and all-encompassing way. Here, in Magic Halkidiki, which is visited by people from all over the world, time ceases and becomes an indifferent information as you experience some of the best memories of your life on a beach…. Why; Because like Halkidiki, it does NOT have !!!
the 10 best beaches of Kassandra

# 10 The beach of Nea Potidea: The village of Nea Potidea has a sandy and well-organized beach with a blue flag. A narrow isthmus connects the peninsula of Kassandra with the hinterland at a distance of one hour from Thessaloniki. The channel was started by King Cassander of Macedonia.
# 9 Pefkochori & Hanioti Beach: These twin beaches are characterized by a large, sandy area and fully equipped facilities. The Bitsobara & the picturesque taverns will drive you crazy!
# 8 Kallithea Beach: Among the most famous and busiest beaches in the area, Kallithea is a reference point for young people. A golden sandy beach, surrounded by modern, cosmopolitan beach bars and taverns. The terrace of the area looks like a noisy hive. Luxury, romance and fun, an intoxicating combination.
# 7 Siviri Beach: On the west coast of the peninsula, it offers calm shallow waters. You will find here many traditional taverns and modern beach bars. Ideal spot for afternoon walks & romantic sunsets.
# 6 Polychrono & Kryopigi Beaches. These beaches have been awarded several times by international organizations for having the clearest crystal clear waters. They are fully equipped with everything you need to spend a happy, fun day at the beach. Turquoise waters are truly crystal clear while the small bays are ideal for all diving enthusiasts.
# 5 Poseidon & Language Beaches: Poseidon Beach stretches for 1 km and welcomes you for a refreshing swim in its waters. The white sand along with the music of the beach bars is a great experience that you will talk about for years. Don't forget to walk to the lighthouse, count the stars as night falls, fall in love and maybe exchange vows of eternal faith. The Three Camps that operate here, is a hot spot for Youth, nudists and bohemian life lovers.
# 4 Sani Beach & Stavronikita: True paradise. The white, fine sand of the sea in combination with the blue-green, crystal clear waters of the Aegean, paint an idyllic image, in which you would like to be an integral part. Sani resort is a well-organized, modern resort, fully equipped with luxury beach bars and restaurants.
Stavronikita is a quiet large sandy beach, ideal for nature lovers and people looking for more tranquility and unpretentious living.
# 3 Afitos Beach: In the heart of Kassandra, is the coast of Afitos, 4 km long, which extends at the foot of a rock, on which the village with the traditional stone houses is built. I don't know what will catch you first or most of all? The endless view, the vastness of the Greek blue or the irresistible atmosphere of abundance, eroticism and summer relaxation.

# 2 Paliouri Beach: This exotic beach is now recognizable and infinitely popular! Fine white gold sand clear attractive waters! Windless bay, this beach is a paradise for young and old children.
And as a genuine exotic destination it has many names. It is also called Chrousos, Kourosaros, Blue fish, Cabana, Lefki Ammos beach (all names of local beach bars) or Xenia like the old hotel. The most adored part of the beach is in front of the Koursaros bar, near the marina with cruise ships.

# 1 Glarokavos beach: The most beautiful, authentic and unique place in Kassandra. Glarokavos! Here you can meet from untouched nature to cosmopolitan melodies. From the luxurious beach bars full of hot tanned bodies wearing expensive swimsuits to free camping tents and all-encompassing vacationers!
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