Are you are going on vacation or to attend your best friend’s destination wedding? These packing tips will help you pack light and organised. This video is divided into two parts. In the first part, I am showing how to pack for a weeklong vacation in just a small cabin bag. And in part second I am showing how to pack traditional clothes for the special occasion along with your regular wearing casual clothes.
Packing Tips
1. Make a checklist. You can make the physical checklist on paper or digital checklist on your phone, tablet or laptop which can be updated as per your type of vacation. To make digital checklists you can you can download free apps like Google Keep and Evernote or just use preinstalled apps like Notes on your phone.
2. Before you start packing bring everything at one place so that you don’t miss anything
3. Choose your outfits smartly. Use wrinkle free and light tops which can be paired with 2-3 pants, Shorts or Capris.
4. Keep different items like lingerie, toiletries, makeup, jewellery etc. in separate pouches so that they don’t get mixed with other clothes and can be easily found when needed.
5. Use miniature travelling bottles to carry toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion etc.
6. To save space roll all your clothes instead of folding them.
7. To carry traditional clothes, use a big saree bag to keep them segregated from other clothes.
8. Use special jewellery bag to keep your expensive heavy traditional jewellery and a shoe bag to keep fancy sandals.
Hope these tips will help you pack your luggage light and organised.

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